Final Secret In ‘Nier Automata’ Found After 3 Years – Here’s How To Unlock It!

'Nier Automata' (Image courtesy of Platinum Games)

'Nier Automata' (Image courtesy of Platinum Games)

For years, Nier Automata fans have been searching high and low for every little secret the game has to offer. The game has developed a large following that has unearthed insane secrets that no one but the most devoted would ever unearth. Back in 2018, during an interview with Famitsu magazine, Game Director Yoko Taro revealed that while most fans of his game found dozens of easter eggs, one secret has yet to be discovered. Now, nearly four years after fans thinking they’ve found every single secret that the game had contained, one fan shared his finds.

The secret is a code that can be performed after players defeat the game’s first boss, Marx. After conversing with 9S, you’ll have to lead 2B towards some nearby barrels and position her between them. Once you do, you’ll have to hold down the R2 button and press the following buttons: press up, down, up, right, left, square, circle, triangle and cross. You’ll know you’ve unlocked the game’s secret when the game cuts to black. Once unlocked, the game will take you to the post-credit sequence where you’ll unlock chapter select, debug mode, a debug room and a trophy shop. Normally, you’d need to beat the game three times to unlock these modes.

The cheat code was discovered by modder Lance McDonald, who has since uploaded the full method on YouTube in the video below. He explains that he found this secret after noticing an odd piece of code in the game’s coding that was listed as “CheatCommandManager.” After deciphering it, he performed the cheat code and unlocked the secret.

After tweeting the method out, Taro retweeted McDonald’s message and confirmed that the final secret had been unlocked.

Nier Automata was released worldwide on PS4 and PC in March 2017, with the Xbox One Version releasing on June 26, 2018.

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