‘No Man’s Sky’ Coming To Xbox Game Pass In June

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky

Users of Xbox Game Pass will be getting a new game to play in the coming weeks – it has been announced that No Man’s Sky is set to be released on the platform sometime in the month of June.

No Man’s Sky was released back in 2016, but that was only on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. In 2018 the game was released on Xbox One with the games creator, Hello Games, updating the game consistently in the almost four years since its August 2016 release. With these continual updates, No Man’s Sky has been able to maintain an active following, which makes this release on Xbox Game Pass a good idea. 

Hello Games has declared that No Man’s Sky will be updated for when Windows 10 PC is released and will be available on the Windows PC store. A specific date has yet to be announced.

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