‘P.T.’ Is Not Playable On PS5, Can’t Be Transferred From PS4

Lisa in 'P.T.'

Lisa in 'P.T.'

If you were hoping to play P.T. on your PS5, you’ll be out of luck. It has been confirmed that the demo to the canceled Silent Hill reboot is unplayable. When attempting to play the game, Polygon reporter

McWhertor also mentions that this inability to play P.T. is only just happening now. “P.T. was the first PS4 title I tested through backward compatibility on PS5,” McWhertor said. “On Oct. 24, I transferred my copy of P.T. to and played the game on my PS5, picking up from a recent save that carried over from PS4. Then I restarted P.T. from the beginning and played through a bit more. It seemed to work fine.”

McWhertor a Sony representative told him that the reasoning for the game not being playable on the PS5 “was a publisher decision.” Konami, the publisher of P.T., has not made an official statement at the time of this writing.

The PlayStation 5 launched on November 12, with a vast library of PS4 games playable via backwards compatibility, though a select few will not be playable.

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