‘Pokémon Gold’ & ‘Silver’ Will Let You Test Your Skills This Fall

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To paraphrase myself, while some of Pokémon‘s generations are better regarded than others, all of them are a perfect gateway into the series. All of the mainline titles are welcoming and accessible to newcomers while providing veteran Trainers with more of what they love. And, later this year, Trainers can revisit the brand’s second generation: Pokémon Gold and Silver.


Revealed during this week’s Pokémon Direct presentation, Gold and Silver will join the venerable library of Virtual Console titles on the Nintendo 3DS family of handhelds. Sadly, there’s no word if they’ll be joined by the definitive iteration of the saga, Pokémon Crystal.

As with last year’s re-releases of Red, Blue and Yellow, Gold and Silver will function with the 3DS’s built-in wireless capabilities. Furthermore, the Time Capsule feature from their original releases will remain intact, allowing you to trade Pokémon with the first generation titles. Naturally, Gold and Silver will also be compatible with the versatile Pokémon Bank app.

Pokémon Gold and Silver will offer a whole new world to see on September 22. Will you catch ’em all?

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