‘Pokémon Masters’ In Waiting Can Now Pre-Register For The Upcoming Mobile Game

Red and Charizard in Pokémon Masters

Red and Charizard in Pokémon Masters (Nintendo/The Pokémon Company)

Pokémon Trainers looking to test their skills won’t have to wait much longer, as pre-registration for the upcoming side game Pokémon Masters is now open for iOS and Android devices. However, the game will not be available in all territories upon its launch, although Singaporeans can download a special “preview version” of Masters starting tomorrow, July 25. Canada will obtain that same demo in the coming weeks.

Pokémon Masters will launch sometime in the summer, so it isn’t a long wait for the full game anyway. The Pokémon Company, however, released a six-part series of videos that explores aspects of the mobile title, such as its battle system, how evolution works, and how to form Sync Pairs with your partners. All six videos can be seen below:

As with other mobile Pokémon efforts, DeNA’s Masters will be free to download. Set in the exotic Pasio region, this adventure unites several familiar faces from across the core Pokémon series, from Alola‘s Trail Captain Acerola to the legendary, redesigned Pokémon Trainer Red.

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