T-Pain Hilariously Instructs Fans On How To Play ‘Crusader Kings III’

'Crusader Kings III'

'Crusader Kings III'

The release date for Crusader Kings III Next Gen is quickly approaching, and rapper and singer T-Pain couldn’t be more excited to show viewers how to “rule” in the game.

“This is a game of choice and building strong, healthy relationships,” he said. “We’re going to rewrite history by being fair and just. Making peace with my neighbors regardless of their religion or culture, letting my kids marry for love! Educating the masses and lowering taxes!”

As he was finishing his sentence about creating a utopia, in true Crusader Kings III fashion, challenges began to threaten T-Pain’s kingdom.

In T-Pain’s hilarious video, it all broke down quickly.

“You know what, just marry off all your kids. It doesn’t matter if he’s a troll, just aim for very powerful and wealthy alliances. Nothing else matters!” he said.

Find out how T-Pain’s story ends by watching his full analysis below.

Crusader Kings III Next Gen will be coming to consoles Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X on March 29, 2022. Watch the release date announcement trailer below.

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