‘Pokemon: Sword And Shield’ Crown Tundra Details Catching Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon: Sword and Shield (Image: Pokemon)

Pokemon: Sword and Shield (Image: Pokemon)

The second (and possibly final) piece of DLC for Pokemon: Sword and Shield is out this week. Crown Tundra promises to bring loads of old Pokemon to this expansion, including every legendary Pokemon that has been in the series since Red and Blue, including Galarian Varients of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. While we knew that older Legendary Pokemon would be available in Raid Battles, via a trailer of Crown Tundra, Serbbii.net, a Pokemon-themed news website, reported some interesting news regarding obtaining these special Pokemon.

In the Dynamax Adventures included with Crown Tundra, players will team up with three other players to defeat Pokemon. After taking out three Dynamax Pokemon, players will have the chance to take on one of the many Legendary Pokemon. To catch them, all you need to do is defeat it and throw a Pokeball. Compared to other Higher Level Dynamax/Gigantamax Pokemon, it’ll be much easier to obtain one of your favorite Legendary Pokemon.

It should be mentioned that any damage that your Pokemon has taken or PP that is used will carry over between battles. So, while you could go in it alone, it’s recommended that you team-up with a few friends or random players to take on the Dynamax Challenges.

Pokemon: Sword and Shield‘s DLC, Crown Tundra, released last Thursday. Those who don’t purchase the DLC can still transfer the returning Pokemon included in Crown Tundra via Pokemon Bank and Trading.


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