‘Prince Of Persia’ Rumored For Ubisoft Forward

'Prince of Persia'

'Prince of Persia'

Prince of Persia has been M.I.A for a decade now. After the well-received video game tie-in to the critically panned Prince of Persia movie, Ubisoft seems to have moved on from making any more installments of the series. That hasn’t stopped a dedicated and vocal fanbase from asking Ubisoft to return to the franchise. Still, the French-based studio has focused its attention on franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and the various iterations of the Tom Clancy series.

However, a rumor from Bloomberg reporter, Jason Schreier, may indicate that Prince of Persia could be making a comeback in the Ubisoft Foward presentation. During the latest episode of the Triple Click podcast, Schreier claims that the company is planning to use Ubisoft Foward to “announce a bunch of games like the Prince of Persia remake that was leaked a couple of weeks ago.” Schreier is referring to a leak from retailer Max.com.gt that published, and later removed, a listing for the upcoming game for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Ubisoft originally developed a re-imagined trilogy of Prince of Persia from 2003 – 2005, before releasing a reboot in 2008 that ended on a cliffhanger and the before-mentioned Video Game tie-in. Earlier this year, a pre-alpha video of a canceled game, Prince of Persia: Redemption, was released back in May.

Currently, Ubisoft has three major releases within the next few months, including Watch Dog’s: Legion on October 29, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla on November 17, and Far Cry 6 on February 18. All of these games will be released on current and next-gen systems.

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