PS5 Update: Sony Ships 118,000 PS5s In Japan, Series X/S Ships 21,000 Units

PS5 Reveal: All You Need to Know

PS5 Reveal: All You Need to Know

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S has been sold out just about everywhere, especially in Sony’s home country of Japan. According to a report by the Japanese magazine Famitsu, the PlayStation 5 has moved over 118,000 units in Japan within four days. Famitsu also reports that 88% of the consoles were PS5s with an optical disk drive, with the other 12% being the all-digital version of the PS5. However, in contrast to the previous console launch, the PS4 shipped 322,000 units in its launch. In terms of game sales for the PS5, Spider-Man: Miles Morales has sold a total of 18,640 copies, while the Demon’s Souls remake sold 18,607 units.

In comparison, the Xbox Series X/S has sold over 21,000 units in six days, though Famitsu did not specify which system sold more units. Famitsu did not reveal game sales for the Series X/S. Much like the PS5, the number of Xbox Series X/S units sold is a bit of a downgrade compared to Microsoft’s previous console, the Xbox One, which sold 23,562 units during its first four days. While Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Series X/S had the biggest launch in its history, Sony has yet to unveil any official worldwide sales of the PS5.

The Xbox Series X/S launched worldwide on November 10, with the PS5 launching in North America and Japan on November 12.

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