‘Resident Evil’ CGI Series Coming To Netflix

'Resident Evil' CGI Series Coming To Netflix

'Resident Evil' CGI Series Coming To Netflix

There have been many Resident Evil movies, ranging from the live-action series from Paul Anderson to the various CGI movies based on the series. Now, the series will be making the jump to the smaller screen with a CGI television series that’s set to arrive on Netflix. Announced at the Tokyo Game Show, the show is set to arrive on the streaming service sometime in 2021.

The show will follow Leon Kennedy and Clair Redfield as the main protagonists. Other than a teaser trailer, little else was revealed about the upcoming series. It will be using the same character models from Resident Evil 2 Remake, and Leon will be wearing a fancy looking suit. While we don’t know what the series will be about, it’s not unreasonable for fans to expect many zombie kills, dark and haunting environments and a ton of government conspiracy.

Before the official announcement, Netflix’s Portugal Twitter account accidentally leaked it ahead. It should be noted that while this series will be arriving on Netflix, it will have nothing to do with the upcoming live-action Resident Evil tv show that the streaming service announced back in August.

The next installment in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil Village, will arrive on next-gen systems in April 2021.

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