‘Resident Evil Village’ Showcase Unveils New Details And Modes

'Resident Evil Village' Voice Actress Jeanette Maus Dies At 39

'Resident Evil Village' Voice Actress Jeanette Maus Dies At 39 (Image: Courtesy Of Capcom)

On Thursday evening, Capcom released a new video showcase with new details about the upcoming game Resident Evil Village, and more.

The highland spook-fest, Village, is due for release in less than a month, and Capcom is making sure you know about it! After a new trailer showing off more of the dreary, dilapidated Romanian village and its opulent castle, game producer Tsuyoshi Kanda took the stage to discuss an upcoming exclusive demo for Village.

PlayStation 4 and 5 players will have access to an event called “8 Hours In Village” where players have an eight-hour window to explore limited sections of the game’s castle and village sections. The special demo will begin April 17 at 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. PST. While the demo will be open for eight hours, players only get 30 minutes to explore each of the two sections. The event will open up again one week later on April 24 from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. PST.

Village also marks the return of a Resident Evil classic, Mercenaries Mode. Breaking from the slow, methodical style Village is cultivating through its several trailers, Mercenaries, like RE games past, is a speedy time trial where you kill as many zombies as you can.

While Village only looks better with each new drip of info, the companion game RE:Verse is starting to worry me. From those who slipped into the spotty online beta last week, the game appears dreadfully similar to the dead and hated Umbrella Corps from 2016.

Also, seemingly abandoning their own attempt at 4 versus 1 asymmetrical multiplayer, Capcom announced that Resident Evil DLC will soon be featured in Dead By Daylight. Capcom released their own stab in the dark, aimed at the lucrative 4 versus 1 genre with Resident Evil Resistance which was packaged-in with 2020’s Resident Evil 3 remake.

Capcom’s multiple film and television ventures are also bearing fruit, as the showcase also unveiled new info and footage from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and an upcoming live action retelling of the events of the original Resident Evil; the latter just finished filming in Toronto and the former is due for a Netflix release later this year.

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