‘Sea Of Thieves’ Season 2 Began April 15

Sea of Thieves (Microsoft)

Sea of Thieves (Microsoft)

The newest slew of updates and new features for Rare’s Sea of Thieves is live and started April 15. Executive Producer at Rare, Joe Neate, wrote a blog-post to the Xbox Wire to further detail the new season, bursting with features.

“Season Two comes free of charge to all players including 100 levels of rewards to be earned, with a purchasable Plunder Pass also available to boost the pool with additional premium rewards,” writes Neate. “As in the previous Season, you work your way up through the levels by living the pirate life, achieving things in your own way and steadily increasing your Renown. You can gain extra Renown by completing Trials: themed sets of Deeds that cover almost every imaginable action in Sea of Thieves, refreshed for Season Two!”

Pirates ought look to the sky when next on the sea of thieves, as a new skull cloud can be seen above the tides. The spooky new cloud indicates an undead horde hungry for land-lubbers. If you and your crew are hard enough to wipe them back to the depths, Neate says that Athena’s Treasures and high-level loot are guaranteed rewards for your troubles.

New Merchant Alliance trade routes are coming in Season Two. Players who rank the highest in the Emissary ranks for the alliance will earn new, special rewards. Neate also explains that trade route are even more complex and even more accurately emulate trade from the days of old! Wise pirates can buy bulk goods from one merchant outpost and sell to another where the goods are more sought-after, turning an easy profit if you can brave the deadly waters between.

Turning the proxy war legitimate, Season Two features the limited time event, Reapers Versus the World where emissaries of the Order of Souls, Gold Hoarders and Merchants’ Alliance band together to fight pirates loyal to the anarchistic Reaper’s Bones.

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