Rework Of Dr. Mundo: Mundo Goes Where He Pleases

League of Legends' Dr. Mundo (Photo Courtesy of Riot Games)

League of Legends' Dr. Mundo (Photo Courtesy of Riot Games)

As one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, Dr. Mundo has finally received a rework for the first time since October 27, 2009, and I am superbly excited.

Simply from his updated skins, I can feel the terror he carries to Zaun. He got horrifyingly bigger with the out-of-proportion wide shoulders and exploded muscles, and the beaming purple eyes and twisted smile are evidence that he’s even crazier than before. Obviously, he ain’t playing here. He remembers what the unethical asylum did to him and is now dedicated to “return the favor.” With the updated visuals and newly acquired abilities, he promised to tread over Runeterra, curing every patient that wanders into his sight.

Take a look at his new skills and you’ll notice that Riot attempts to infuse complexity in his mechanics while retaining his characteristic as a brainless Tank. The foundation of the abilities is pretty similar: Q is to throw a bone saw; W is to cause range damage; E is to strengthen the next auto attack; Ult is to immediately increase health.

What makes Dr. Mundo an unstoppable beast is his new passive called “Goes Where He Pleases.” Periodically, Mundo gains a shield, resisting immobilizing effects cast upon him. If activated, he loses a certain percentage of health and drops a chemical canister close to him. And if he later picks the canister up, he’ll gain even more health than originally lost. However, the canister can be damaged by the enemy team. Therefore, during the fight, always prioritize picking up the canister, for it not only gives free HP but also turns you literally “unstoppable.”

Moreover, his other passive, “Blunt Force Trauma,” turns Mundo into absolute malice. This ability gives him bonus attack damage that increases based on his missing health. This simple setting makes the gameplay extremely mechanical and strategic because players are too used to unleashing every ability to take down the Tanks. As their HP approaches blank, things only get easier. But this is not the case for Dr. Mundo: he is far stronger with low health. As pro-Mundo players, you’ll want to bait your opponent with your low HP, teasing them to go all-in on you. When they fall into the trap, you mutilate them with the bonus damage, and press Ult to regain full HP.

That being said, this tanky beast with high damage is actually rather weak in early games. In a few games I’ve tried, I often got bullied during laning phase because of his low health regeneration and short attack range. But none of this matters. Once I passed the early phases, I could walk into the fight like a boss and get out of it with FULL HP. Yes. Full Hp.

For the core items, I’d suggest Sunfire Aegis for more HP and damage and Warmog’s Armor for the boundless health regeneration. If the gaming situation is possible, try to get Spirit Visage, which increases 25% of health and shield received.

Another interesting update of the Dr. Mundo patch is Mundo’s Medikul Jernel. The journal is filled with cute grammar and spelling mistakes that match his insanity and his crazy obsession to “cure” people.

Currently, Dr. Mundo is available at the shop. You can purchase it through the currency you earned in the game. Even if you’re not a big fan of Tanks, I guarantee you, Dr. Mundo is a different level of fun.

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