‘Sonic CD’ (Mobile) Game Review: Puts The F In Fun And Fast

Sonic CD (SEGA)

Sonic CD (SEGA)

Sonic CD for the mobile phone: a game released in the early 90’s now released more than 20 years later for free. For somebody who has never played it: what a deal. Can you believe some games used to cost $60 dollars that are now free? Makes me want to hop in a time machine to get every game for free.

Speaking of hopping in time machines, that’s the premise. Sonic has to inexplicably fight Eggman in the present, past and one of two futures depending on whether Sonic wins or not. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing, Sonic stories are terrible, but what it does mean is that once you hit 88 mph, you and Marty are treated to an entirely new level with entirely new music, keeping you from being tired of the levels. I also have to mention that the soundtrack is some of the funkiest music you will ever play to. It’s too good, especially for the time.

Now, for the app itself. Get ready for ads unless you’re ready to shell out the big bucks for the premium edition. Seriously, they’re everywhere. From the title screen to the main menu, the main menu to the game itself, and from level to level. Take this tip: once you’re done with a level, TAP THE TOP RIGHT. You can exit ads as soon as possible that way. It’s the price you pay for a good game, yet the way that the cutscenes are handled are god awful. They appear as YouTube videos would; with the done button on top, the length displayed, and the cutscene itself not actually being full screen.

The first cutscene doesn’t even feature the original song, it’s an instrumental of perhaps the best collaboration between Asian composers and enthusiastic black musicians. How could you take out the lead singer barely holding together her English as the chorus chants “toot toot, Sonic Warrior.” Shame on you, Sega.

As for the game itself, it holds up to today’s platforming standards. The first few levels are fairly simple, while later levels, especially Wacky Workshop and Metallic Madness, can drive you Considerably Crazy. Luckily, the game saves your progress, but that doesn’t stop certain levels, especially the Metal Sonic “battle” and the area before the final boss, to become increasingly frustrating if you don’t fully understand the game’s physics. How are you supposed to know that jumping while on a ramp is going to push you right into a death ray after being stopped by 20 obstacles? You have to die. You have to die and not scream at the top of your lungs.

Nevertheless, it’s a good game that you can get for free. With secrets, achievements and more ads than you could shake several hundred sticks at, overall, if you don’t download it, you’re missing out. I mean, not that much I guess, but to a certain degree. It’s been out for 20 years for Christ’s sake, nobody’s expecting you to play it, but there is definitely fun to be found when playing it. Go back to the future in this wonderful Sonic game; if you want to go fast, there’s no better time than the present.

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