‘Sonic Forces’ Formally Unveiled, Boost Gameplay Returns

Continuing off from Sonic Mania, Sega’s recent SXSW panel gave a formal unveiling of Sonic Team’s next game: Sonic Forces.

The above trailer is from July 22, 2016, when the project was officially revealed. However, back then we only knew of it by its codename, Project Sonic 2017.


Aaron Webber and Sonic Team’s head, Takashi Iizuka, explained how their new title is being developed under the concept that Sonic lost his endless battle with Dr. Eggman, his arch-enemy. Their respective voice actors, Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock, chimed in as their characters.

Webber then replayed that initial trailer with an addition: a screen with the game’s proper title was highlighted at the end. Sonic Forces is the game’s true name, and it’s intended to be a meaningful reflection of the game’s theme.

Forces will build off from Sonic Generations and offer three gameplay styles. Modern Sonic will regain the Sonic Boost mechanic that defined him in Sonic Unleashed, Colors and Generations, as well as other titles, such as Dimps’ Sonic Rush. Wisps, the alien power-ups that debuted in Colors, are back to fuel Sonic’s Boost.

Moreover, Iizuka asserts that the Boost will be refined, and there will be multiple paths in each level.

While we didn’t get a clip highlighting him, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that Classic Sonic will resemble his Generations incarnation. The third style is currently a mystery, although I’ve seen speculation that Sonic Boom’s Sonic could take up the mantle. What do you think? Furthermore, GameInformer‘s preview confirms a few familiar faces will show up in non-playable roles.

Additionally, Forces has another link to Unleashed and Generations: it’s using an updated version of their engine, dubbed the Hedgehog Engine 2.

Sonic veteran Shun Nakamura is producing the new installment, and Tomoya Ohtani is returning as Forces’ sound director. An audio clip was uploaded, too:

Sonic Forces is still staled for release this year, and it’ll home in on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. More information will come “in the next couple of months,” including both alternative gameplay styles.

Do you think 2017 will be a kind year for the Hedgehog?

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