‘Ms. Pac-Man’ Invades Google Maps For April Fools’ Day

Ms. Pac-Man On Google Maps

Ms. Pac-Man On Google Maps

Google has a history of inserting video game-related Easter eggs in their services. Gamers may recall Google Maps’ Pokémon Challenge three years ago, and they’re continuing from another novelty for this year’s April Fools’ Day.


Upon loading Google Maps, users will notice an option to insert a coin on the bottom-left corner of the browser. Moving your cursor over the arcade-inspired square will reveal a message: “READY!”

Google Maps will then assess your location and retrofit it into a makeshift maze for Ms. Pac-Man to explore. All the core components from her solo outing are present: pellets, Power Pellets, fruits and the four antagonistic ghosts. Furthermore, the appropriate sounds are accounted for.

Ms. Pac-Man begins with five lives, and clearing the screen of wayward pellets will send her to the next level. Those who wish to demonstrate their Pac-Man prowess can share their score via social media. Will you achieve a new high score?

Ms. Pac-Man graced the world in 1982, and the story behind it is an interesting read. Nevertheless, while Namco wasn’t heavily involved in its development, Ms. Pac-Man is regarded as an excellent sequel to the groundbreaking original. Variety was added to the formula by giving players multiple mazes to play through.

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