‘Sonic Mania’: Competition Mode, Mini Boss Theme & Opening Cinematic

Sonic Mania is less than a week away, so here’s a recap of this week’s pertinent announcements to bring you up to speed.


First off, Mania will contain a split-screen two-player mode a la Sonic 2’s, where both players race to win. Here’s our first look at it, showcasing a match between Sonic and Knuckles on the familiar Green Hill Zone:

The winner is determined by multiple factors, including how many Rings and items the players accumulate as well as the score and time. All three protagonists will be playable, each bearing their unique talents.

Next, we received a sample of Sonic Mania’s mini boss theme, “Danger on the Dance Floor.” As expected, it was composed by Tee Lopes. Falk Au Yeong contributed his talents to it, too.

Finally, likely as a response to how the contents of the game have begun leaking online, SEGA uploaded Sonic Mania’s opening animation. Unsurprisingly, Tyson Hesse beautifully brought the trio to life, with Hyper Potions providing the music.

Anyway, just as a warning, an early copy of the game is out in the wild and the person who owns it has been streaming the game. So, by the time you’ve read this, you’ve probably unintentionally seen a previously hidden boss or Zone. My condolences, I’ve already seen two bosses myself.

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