Steve From ‘Minecraft’ Is Officially In ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Minecraft's Steve Coming To Super 'Smash Bros. Ultimate'

Minecraft's Steve Coming To Super 'Smash Bros. Ultimate'

Just a few weeks ago, Nintendo and Mojang shocked the world when it was announced that Steve and the gang from Minecraft would join the line-up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now, Steve and the gang have been officially unleashed into the world of Smash via DLC, starting today. With the help of his crafting abilities and the might of his powerful pick-ax and sword, Steve is ready to kick some ass and take names, along with Alex, Zombie and Enderman, who function as echo-fighters.

In addition to Steve and his fellow companions getting a moment in the spotlight, Smash Bros. Ultimate will also bring Patch Version 9, which features several fixes to the game, including some balancing changes to characters, spirits based on Minecraft, and the ability to use Minecraft costumes for your Mii Fighter.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released on December 7, 2018. The last character that was added to the game was Min Min from Arms.

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