First Look At The PS5’s User Interface

PS5 Reveal: All You Need to Know

PS5 Reveal: All You Need to Know

A day after Microsoft revealed the UI for the Xbox Series X, Sony has unveiled the User Interface that it will be using for the PS5. While the Xbox Series X will be very familiar to those who used the Xbox One, the PS5’s UI is a slightly different beast. With a simple touch of a button, the PS5 will lead you to the control center, where you’ll be able to track downloads, friends online and more via “Cards.”

Like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox, you’ll have the ability to track the latest info on your favorite games by following publishers. Along with these features, the PS5 will include “activities” for various games. These won’t be replacing Trophies, but they act similarly, in that you will be completing a variety of challenges. Unlike Trophies, they’re time-limited, so you’ll need to act fast. However, if you’re having trouble completing one of these activities, a video will appear and give you hints on how to complete them. The publisher also revealed that you’d be able to join a game session with a tap of a button.

Sharing photos and videos have received upgrades, as they are now all presented in full 4K. PlayStation 5 will also have a built-in microphone that you can use, and you can even use it to record some distasteful comments in an online game and report it to Sony. Finally, Sony showed off the hub for PS5, which will be a far simpler and cleaner than the PS4’s UI.

The PS5 is already looking to be a worthy successor to the PS4. You’ll be able to get your hands on the PS5 on November 12.

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