‘Stranger Things’ Portals Appear On ‘Fortnite’ Map Ahead Of Anticipated Partnership


Fortnite (Epic Games)

After Epic GamesFornite has enjoyed partnering with John Wick, Avengers, Air Jordan, Marshmello (who performed a futuristic in-game live concert) and the NFL, Stranger Things seems to be the next entity slated to appear in the mainstream battle royale game. There have been portals modeled after Stranger Things‘ upside-down popping up throughout the map, only hinting that the 80s crew will make an appearance sometime soon in the game.

Season 3 of Stranger Things was recently released on the fourth of July, featuring an America-based story this time instead of their usual Halloween-themed stories. In the new season, there is the induction of the new Mega Mall, where Steve Harrington and his employed friend Robin work at, as well as a main location through the entire season. When you enter the portals in the Fornite game, it seems to throw you into the mega mall.

If there’s one thing we know about Stranger Things, it’s that we know there are some creepy monsters lingering about. Will Epic incorporate a Demogorgan-type NPC into the game? We will have to wait to find out after the show remains released for a few weeks.

For now, there hasn’t been any official announcement declaring their partnership, which means it’s likely Epic still has some things to unveil in terms of modes and features in the battle royale game.

Once you go into the portal, you can go to where Steve and Robin work and pick up some +5 health pickups by eating their ice cream, a fun, interactive way to incorporate the map.

There will most likely be skins as well; whether they go for just the adult characters like Hopper and others, or go for the actual main kids such as Will, Mike and Eleven, remains to be seen.

If there is a partnership – which there is, it’s just yet to be formally announced – it’s likely Epic will take full advantage of the opportunity here and give the fans a ton of new features involving the hit Netflix show.

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