‘Starfield’ Will Let Players Join Multiple Factions – Including Villains!

'Starfield' (Image: Bethesd

'Starfield' (Image: Bethesda)

Bethesda’s announced in a new Starfield developer diary that their upcoming installment will allow the player to join multiple factions, including the “villains.”

There will be three main groups to join.

The first is the United Colonies, which is based on the “future of the space republic idealized,” according to the lead quest designer Will Shen, according to the diary.

The second is the Freestar Collective, which is a space western. The group will be out on the frontier.

)layers can also join Ryujin Industries, which is a corporate simulation.

Finally, if a player wants to try their hand at being the “bad guy,” join the Crimson Fleet, a group of pirate raiders.

There’s an additional twist — playing both sides.

“The cool thing about Crimson Fleet is what if you’re a good person and you want to be a good player? And you don’t want to play as a bad guy?” asked design director Emil Pagliarulo. “You can side with pirates, or you can report back to your superiors and be this space cop type of thing. So it lets you be a good person and still play with the bad guys.”

The characters will also have more depth in the updated installment. Players will be able to choose specific backgrounds and traits.

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