‘The Division 2’ Releases First DLC Pack With Patches And New Updates

The Division 2

The Division 2 (Ubisoft)

The Division 2‘s first DLC release has come out, called DC Outskirts: Expeditions. This is the first episode of the game’s new DLC, which involves players mostly venturing through the Manning National Zoo to locate a hidden base deep in the woods. It’s a nice change of pace from the base game, where you mostly explore the city. There are other patches, new weapons, camos and other things in the new DLC.

Along with new locations, there are new guns including an assault rifle and an LMG, along with new skill mods, new modes and changes to skill trees.

A new Discovery Mode has been implemented in Division 2, which is described as being for players who’re up for a tough challenge in Raid. In weapons, we get a new Diamondback Exotic Rifle as one of the most unique weapons, along with the Black Tusk Gloves. For more normal weapons, there is a Stoner LMG and a Carbine 8 assault rifle

For skills and mods in the patches, there is a major 90 percent cooldown reduction hard cap. They lowered the minimum for all the skills to three seconds. All skill hastes are cooldowned by 50 percent.

“We took a hard look at the current meta,” says Ubisoft, according to PC Gamer. “The builds that are fun, effective and popular. We knew that skill builds, while it being something people want to play with, was nowhere near competitive. We knew there was an explosives damage build that was on the fringe of popularity, but none that actually relied on really good skill mods driven by skill power.”

Division 2‘s online server was down after maintenance, but came back on after Thursday’s update. If you have the Year One DLC pass, the Manning Zoo is now open to hunt through.

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