Xbox Game Pass Gains A “Play Later” Feature To Help Users Manage Their Collection

Halo and Master Chief (Microsoft)

Halo and Master Chief (Microsoft)

If you partake in this hobby, there’s a decent chance you’ve accumulated a sizable backlog of games you’ve yet to beat (it’s well-documented I have one). Microsoft, however, has added a new feature to the Xbox Game Pass to help you manage the games you want to save for later.

Those subscribed to Game Pass can now add any game on the service to a “Play Later” list. Players can do this either through the Xbox One itself or through the companion app for smartphones. You also don’t need to download the title to add it to the list.

Microsoft is adding a nice assortment of games to the service this month, including indie RPG hit Undertale and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, which explores the rich world J. R. R. Tolkien’s acclaimed novels introduced. Dead Rising 4 is also one of the month’s headliners, though that’s one title I advise skipping; as I summarized in my review, it’s measurably worse than its predecessors in every conceivable area, and its rewriting of series hero Frank West made him a far less compelling lead.

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