Xbox Series X/S Launch Was Microsoft’s Biggest Launch Ever

Xbox Series X/S (Image: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X/S (Image: Microsoft)

While many are still unable to get the Xbox Series X or Series S, those who were able to get their hands on either version of Microsofts newest console helped in making the biggest console launch the company has ever had. Announced on the official Xbox websiteLiz Hamren, CVP of Xbox’s Gaming Experiences & Platforms division, gave her and the company’s gratitude to Xbox Gamers for making the launch of the Xbox Series X/S the biggest in the company’s history.

“While we missed the emotional spark of being together with you in person, it was incredible to celebrate a new generation of gaming with the millions on our celebration Livestream and everyone who participated in our global launch across 40 countries. Your support, and what you accomplished in the first 24 hours of launch, inspire us, and demonstrate the connective power of play is more important than ever.”

Along with the most consoles sold at launch, Hamren also revealed that a total of 3,594 games were played on the Series X/S and that 70% of the owners of the new console are using Game Pass, be they current or new members. Hamren also promises that Microsoft is “working tirelessly with our partners around the world to bring as many new consoles to as many of you as possible overtime” and encourages consumers who have yet to get the next-gen Xbox to “check in with your local retailers directly for more details on availability in your market.”

The Xbox Series X/S launched on November 10.

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