Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Members Get Disney+ For 30 Days For Free

Xbox Series X/S (Image: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X/S (Image: Microsoft)

Are you an Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Member who still hasn’t gotten around to checking out the adventures of The Mandalorian and his sidekick, Baby Yoda? Well, Xbox has some good news for you. Now, Xbox Ultimate subscribers will now have the chance to get a 30-day trial of Disney+. First teased last week on Game Pass’ Twitter account, Microsoft has officially announced that subscribers have until January 31 to redeem their offer for their Disney+ trial.

However, don’t think that you’ll get an additional 30 days if you’re already subscribed to Disney+. This offer is specifically made for people who have never subscribed to Disney+, so if you have canceled your subscription or are already subscribed, the offer won’t work. Given that Disney+ no longer allows free-trials, it’s a great deal for those yet to experience Disney+ and want to see what the big deal is.

Right now, you can get Xbox Ultimate Game Pass for $14.99 a month, with first-time subscribers getting the first month for only $1. So, it seems like a great deal if you’ve yet to subscribe to either subscription services.

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