Bernie Sanders Makes A Twitch Account, Sadly Not For Gaming Though

Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has joined the fray of Twitch streamers. That’s right, the Vermont senator and potential democrat nominee is reaching his audience in a new way. His channel will launch on Thursday ahead of his Democratic debate that will be aired on NBC. Unfortunately, we won’t seem him streaming anything like Fornite or Apex Legends.

According to a Recode report, Sanders is using Twitch along with YouTube and Facebook to push for more demographics for his campaign. His staff has said the presidential campaign is all he will be focusing on for the time being. Maybe one day Bernie, maybe one day.

Josh Miller-Lewis is the digital communications right-hand man when it comes to Sanders’ campaign, and starting a Twitch channel seemed to be a unique option in Miller-Lewis’ mind.

“There’s a huge audience on Twitch that has been ignored by our political leaders. As one of the first presidential campaigns ever to join Twitch, we hope to reach people who may not otherwise be involved in politics and speak with them about the issues that matter most to them,” Miller-Lewis said, according to CNN.

Twitch does seem to be new ground-breaking territory for politics as it crushes at least one million viewers a day on the site.

According to Cnet, Sanders isn’t the first presidential candidate to make a Twitch stream. Democratic candidate Andrew Yang created one in July 2018, while Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a Twitch stream to talk about her old experiences on the Nintendo 64, but also to help start a fundraiser to raise money for transgender children.

If Sanders were to stream a game, what game would he be most adaptable and interested in? Hey Bernie, Ninja needs a new duo.

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