EA Reveals New Info Regarding ‘Apex Legends’ Season 2

Apex Legends - Flyers Season 2 Tease

Apex Legends - Flyers Season 2 Tease (EA/Respawn Entertainment)

When EA revealed that Apex Legends‘ Season 2 was coming out on July 2, fans of the game were speculative what Respawn was going to bring in terms of new gameplay items that may affect the battle royale. First, there will be a new character added into the game, new weapons and new neutral-type creatures in the game that look like dragons.

Sean Slayback, one of Respawn’s weapon designers, announced the new LMG called the L-Star LMG will be coming into the game. The weapon is originally from Titanfall. According to Gamespot, the L-Star fires at a slower pace but causes a bigger amount of damage with well accuracy.

There will be new weapon skins and cosmetics to the game, but what has everyone talking is the tweet that was released from the official Apex Legends account. Its a tease for the upcoming season, with what looks like creatures that will be able to drop loot throughout the battle royale. According to Polygon, these creatures, called Flyers, will be signified on the mini-map by a red marker.

These Flyers, which basically look like dragons, are a bit unknown in terms of how they will affect the game. There seems to be several of them that spawn in each match, but it’s uncertain as to how many. According to Kotaku, you unfortunately can’t ride on the Flyers, but you can use a grapple on them to use them for an easier way to get around. You can also shoot the Flyers out of the sky, and they drop a decent amount of high-quality loot if you were to kill one.

Along with the new Flyers, there is a new playable character called Wattson. Wattson can lay electrical walls and pylons down according to Kotaku, and could be a new way to influence the battle royale. There will be a Battle Pass in season 2 that will be challenge-based, like Fornite‘s. There is also a new competitive ranked mode.

The season is roughly two weeks away and we’ll likely learn some more info about the new season in the coming days.

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