‘Blair Witch’ Trailer Showcases Its Cursed Setting, Dog & Cell Phone

Blair Witch

Blair Witch game

One of the more surprising reveals at E3 came during Microsoft’s press event, where the Xbox manufacturer showcased a Blair Witch game. Bloober Team, the group behind the Layers of Fear series and Observer, is developing it, and publisher Lionsgate Games is overseeing it. Yesterday, both parties released a new trailer showing off more of the game and its mechanics:

Layers of Fear is (understandably) a clear influence on Blair Witch, though shades of other works, such as the Outlast series and Slender: The Arrival, can be felt too. In terms of tone, the game skews closer towards the first film rather than either of its sequels.

Our unlucky lead, a former cop named Ellis, and his dog are exploring the Black Hills woods, armed only with a camcorder, an antiquated cell phone (the game’s set during 1996) and their wits. They’re investigating the whereabouts of a missing child, seemingly unaware of the cursed nature of the forest. Notably, Ellis at one point makes a call to an associate named Jess, an act that’s kind of intriguing. Being allowed to use a cell phone goes against the usual horror protocol, but I imagine Bloober Team will find fun ways to play around with that device.

Blair Witch will traumatize Steam and Xbox One gamers on August 30.

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