‘Fortnite’ Server Maintenance Will Begin Soon, Season X Details

Fortnite Season 10

Fortnite Season 10 banana guy (Epic Games)

Soon, Epic Games will temporarily shut down Fortnite‘s servers for maintenance in preparation for the hit game’s tenth season. According to the official Fortnite Twitter account, the downtime will commence on August 1. It will also issue out a “larger than normal” software update for the game.

Here’s when Fortnite‘s servers will go down for each time zone:

  • UK time: August 1 at 9 am BST
  • Eastern time zone: August 1 at 4 am EDT
  • Central time zone: August 1 at 3 am CDT
  • Mountain time zone: August 1 at 2 am MDT
  • Pacific time zone: August 1 at 1 am PDT

However, Epic Games published a new trailer to build excitement for the tenth season –  or Season X, as it’s been stylistically dubbed. Fortnite‘s world seems to be experiencing some time traveling shenanigans, with our hero moving through a wormhole and seeing iconography that spans the game’s two-year tenure. Some of the new additions to the battle royale game were discussed in Epic Games’ recent blog post too.

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