‘Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising’ Stumbles Out, Available Now

Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising

Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising DLC (Capcom)

If you’ve been waiting for Dead Rising 4’s DLC campaign, then your patience has just been rewarded: Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising is out now.


Frank Rising begins immediately after Dead Rising 4 ends, with Frank lifelessly lying on the ground.

However, our protagonist soon reanimates, stuck in a limbo between being a living entity and a member of the undead. This awkward state of existence will consequently render him a target to humans and zombies.

Fortunately, a cure might be within reach, and he has newfound strength as a living cadaver. Unfortunately, he’ll have to cope with his insatiable hunger as he searches for it. Feeding off of zombies will keep Frank going.

Furthermore, Dead Rising 4‘s next DLC addition, Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, is “coming soon.”

Personally, while I can applaud Capcom Vancouver’s attempt at trying something different with Frank Rising, my expectations aren’t high. Dead Rising 4 didn’t exactly please longtime fans, and I suggest the game’s quality could be a factor. The base game was poor, so I’m skeptical of a DLC campaign built on top of it.

Will you play Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising?

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