Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Can Play ‘Mario Tennis Aces’ For Free Through Game Trials Next Week

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces (Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch Online hasn’t had a stellar track record thus far, offering free NES games and the odd bonus while remaining antiquated in other areas. However, the Kyoto-based giant is starting a new Game Trial initiative, which is reminiscent of similar services their competitors employ. The first game Nintendo is serving is Mario Tennis Aces; those who live in North America can download and enjoy the full game from August 7 to 13. Moreover, Aces will enjoy a 30 percent discount through the Nintendo eShop from August 7 to 20. Those who purchase the whole game will retain any progress they made through Aces‘ Game Trial version.

Mario Tennis Aces launched just over a year ago, and the game has received constant support throughout its life. Its base roster consisted of Mario universe stalwarts like Waluigi and Rosalina, while additional characters, from vets like Diddy Kong to newcomers like Pauline, have joined through updates. Dry Bowser’s the latest inclusion, though his arrival marks the end of DLC characters joining the lineup. Harkening back to the older handheld Mario Tennis titles, Aces also sports a single-player story mode, one where Mario works to stop the villainous Lucien, a malevolent tennis racket.

Personally, Aces is a game I’ve been meaning to try, so I’m glad I’ll be allowed to sample it.

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