‘Mass Effect’ Voice Actors Reunite for N7 Day

Mass Effect 2 (Image courtesy of EA)

Mass Effect 2 (Image courtesy of EA)

With so many movie and television stars coming together for reunion specials during the COVID-19 pandemic, it would only make sense that video games would follow suit. Announced last week, voice actor Mark Meer (who portrays the male Commander Sheppard) revealed on Twitter that fellow Mass Effect cast members Jennifer Hale (Female Commander Sheppard), Courtney Taylor (Jack), Steve Blum (Urnot Grunt), Kimberly Brooks (Ashely Williams), Raphael Sbargo (Kaidan Alenko), Will Salyer (Mordin Solus), Alix Wilton Regan (Samantha Traynor), and DC Douglas (Legion) would come together for a special online panel.

Joining the voice cast will be developers Karin and Patrick Weekes, who worked on the Mass Effect series. For those uninitiated, N7 is the highest earth military ranking in the Mass Effect universe. They receive the best training and equipment when compared to every other soldier. As the name implies, N7 Day will take place on November 7. Seeing how N7 is also reserved for official announcements regarding the Mass Effect series, it would be perfect timing for Bioware to use this day to announce the much-rumored remastered Mass Effect Trilogy officially.

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