Oculus Link Lets Quest Owners Plug Their VR Headset Into Gaming PCs, Allowing Access To Rift Games

Oculus Quest (Facebook)

Oculus Quest (Facebook)

Facebook‘s Oculus Quest VR headset will get an update in November allowing it to be utilized with any VR-capable PC. Moreover, users will be able to access the Oculus Rift’s entire game library with this connection, which is called Oculus Link. Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the news today at a developer conference in California. “Your Quest is basically a Rift now too,” the Facebook figurehead said to the crowd.

The Oculus Quest headset hit the market back in May. It’s a cordless machine that contains all the parts needed to enjoy virtual reality gaming without being encumbered by external hardware, and per Zuckerberg, it’s selling “as fast as [they] can make them.” Continuing, the social media giant noted how Quest accounts for 20 percent of the Oculus family’s $100 million lifetime sales.

However, the Quest does have one significant limitation: its weaker battery and processor limit it from realizing more demanding VR experiences, issues the forthcoming Link feature could solve. Zuckerberg said Link will work with most USB-C cables, meaning the charging cable the headset comes with should work. So long as your PC can handle the more demanding VR titles, you should be able to play them with the Quest. You can find the pertainent tech specs over at Facebook’s official Oculus website.

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