‘Tetris 99’ Is Getting A Hard Copy In September, Comes With All DLC & An Online Subscription

Tetris 99 (Image: Nintendo)

Tetris 99 (Image: Nintendo)

Fortnite and Apex Legends may be the most prominent battle royale games on the market today, but Tetris 99 is every bit as fun. 99 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive that was released earlier this year; the game itself is free to download, but playing it online requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Nintendo has continued to support the title with DLC and online events, and soon they’ll release a hard copy of the game.

Tetris 99‘s retail release will arrive on September 9 and will cost $29.99. However, it will also contain a year subscription to Nintendo’s online service, all of the currently-released DLC and any forthcoming DLC. The “Big Block” DLC – which allows players to challenge CPU opponents or dabble in the traditional endless single-player mode – has an asking price of $9.99, and signing up for a year of Switch Online costs $19.99. Considering that, this isn’t a bad deal, even if the base game is a free download.

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