What Is Next For ‘Fortnite’ After ‘The Device’ Went Off?

'Aquaman' Is Coming To 'Fortnite' Season 3

'Aquaman' Is Coming To 'Fortnite' Season 3

After ‘The Device’ went off in Fortnite on Monday, there are numerous questions as to what this means for Chapter 2 Season 3 of the game. 

If players enter the game right now, it looks like Midas succeeded in breaking into the storm, instead of the traditional storm being present in the game, there is a massive wall of water surrounding the map. 

Fortnite and Epic Games have been very cryptic in the hints they have dropped regarding what is next for the game. On the Fortnite Twitter account, they have posted a series of three images so far only with the caption 6.17.2020. This most likely means that either the new season will start on Wednesday, June 17 or more details will be coming out regarding the season.

What is unusual is that it appears that each of these three images are not a part of one greater image given their backgrounds, but it definitely gives the hint that this season will have something to do with water and whatever Fortnite’s developers have in store, players should get their popcorn ready in anticipation for Wednesday.

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