Nintendo eShop’s New March 23, 2017 Releases

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run (Nintendo)

How’s your week been? Personally, I’ve been sick with the flu, so I haven’t been very productive. However, I’m starting to recover, which happens to coincide with Nintendo’s weekly eShop duty. So, let’s see the new titles for the Nintendo Switch, Wii U and the 3DS family.


Has-Been Heroes is a “challenging and rewarding rogue-like game of strategy and action.” Select your favorite champion, and ensure the King’s two daughters safely arrive at their destination. Moreover, no two escorts will be identical, as you’ll gain access to “300+ spells, 200+ items, 14 regions and 12 heroes.” Think you’re strong enough to unlock all of that? You can try when Has-Been Heroes releases for the Switch on March 28.

Mario Sports Superstars, for the Nintendo 3DS, is another Mario-themed sport game. However, unlike Mario’s previous shindigs, this title includes five different sports: golf, tennis, baseball, soccer and, for a series first, horse racing. 18 of the biggest stars in the franchise are playable, with two bonus unlockables. Go for the (pink) gold tomorrow!

Super Mario Run, the mascot’s first foray into mobile gaming, has finally landed on the Android ecosystem. Furthermore, an update was released for the iOS version. New Yoshis are amongst the additions. If you’d like to hear more, you can hop over to Sean Fahey’s review.

And speaking of mobile, Niantic’s Pokémon GO has a new water-themed event. Gotta catch ‘em all!

Finally, if you’re a lucky Switch owner, you’re probably preparing to get wet because the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire starts tomorrow. If you need to plan your weekend schedule, you can check out the details here.

Here’s everything Nintendo released on the eShop this week:

Nintendo Switch


  • ACA NEOGEO NEO TURF MASTERS (Hamster, $7.99)
  • Has-Been Heroes (Gametrust, $19.99 – launches March 28)
  • New Frontier Days ~Founding Pioneers~ (Arc System Works, $9.99)
  • Othello (Arc System Works, $4.99)

Wii U


  • Aqua TV (EM Studios, $4.99)
  • Armored ACORNs: Action Squirrel Squad (Nexcra, $7.99)
  • Mahjong Deluxe 3 (EnsenaSoft, $5.00)


  • Plantera (Ratalaika Games, free)

Nintendo 3DS


  • Mario Sports Superstars (Nintendo, $39.99 – launches tomorrow, will also be available at retail)


  • Ambition of the Slimes (CIRCLE Entertainment, free)
  • Plantera (Ratalaika Games, free)


  • Pokémon: A Sinister Organization – Team Skull (Nintendo/The Pokémon Company)
  • Pokémon: Shiny Tapu Koko (Nintendo/The Pokémon Company)

New Nintendo 3DS


  • Super Destronaut 3D (Petite Games, $1.99)

Nothing listed above catches your attention? Check out what’s on sale. Some solid stuff is on sale, including Runbow and both versions of SteamWorld Heist. Plus, My Nintendo was updated in honor of the excellent Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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