Meta Set To Release Four VR Headsets By 2024

PlayStation VR2 (Image: Sony)

PlayStation VR2 (Image: Sony)

Facebook’s parent company Meta will release four new virtual reality headsets between now and 2024.

Two of the headsets will be for gaming while the other two will be useful for remote work.

One of those headsets, titled Project Cambria, was slated for release last year, but it was pushed back due to Covid-19-related delays. It will most likely be released in September as the first of the four headsets released. Co-founder and CEO of Meta Platforms Mark Zuckerberg announced that Project Cambria is designed to replace the multiple technologies needed in a workspace, acting as a “laptop for the face.” The headset will feature outward-facing cameras allowing for “mixed reality,” showing the location the user is in. Sources predict the price of the Cambria to come in at around $800.

The next headset is set to be released next year and will be a lower-end Quest headset, with a starting price of $299.

The other two headsets are named Stinson and Cardiff and will drop in 2023 and 2024, respectively, but there has been minimal information released about them.

Meta plans to update both the Cambria and Quest headsets in 2024.

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