‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Released For Xbox Series X/S

'Microsoft Flight Simulator'

'Microsoft Flight Simulator' (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft Flight Simulator launched for Xbox Series X and S on July 27. This most recent installment of the Flight Simulator was first released for PC on August 18 of 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the first title for the Xbox Series X/S that is not compatible with the Xbox One. This makes it the first title that can only be played on the new Xbox Series X and S.

Microsoft Flight Simulator contains a simulation of the entire earth, with three-dimensional models of certain features. There are also features such as realistic wind, real-time generated weather, and more.

This new release is a port, as the amateur flight simulator was previously a PC exclusive. The game was developed by Asobo Studio out of France while Xbox Game Studios acted as the publisher. The PC version received glowing praise upon launch. “The most incredible experience I’ve ever had on a computer,” wrote IGN, who gave the game a ten out of ten. Microsoft Flight Simulator also received a 91 out of 100 aggregate score from Metacritic and won the award for best simulation/strategy game at the 2020 game awards. The game’s most celebrated aspects include its advanced technology and accurate portrayal of the earth.

As a series, Microsoft Flight Simulator stretches back all the way to 1981, with the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 on PC. New versions of the simulator were then released periodically every one to two years. In fact, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the longest surviving line of software by Microsoft, as Windows was not released until 1985. This version is the series’ first update in 15 years, after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X in 2006.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available in a standard edition for $59.99. It is also available to Xbox Games Pass subscribers. There are deluxe and premium deluxe editions with more planes and airports that cost $89.99 and $119.99 for non-subscribers to Xbox Games Pass. Xbox Games Pass subscribers can purchase these versions for $71.99 and $95.99.

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